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Dallas Lady "Shakes it Up" by Publicly Outing her Constipated Boyfriend

Hey Dallas lady, you seem really sweet but you didn't need Bethenny's advice about "shaking things up" today to "shake things up." You just did it.

By Skyping your way onto a national talk show, you have guaranteed that everyone who knows you or your boyfriend of ten years are now fully versed in your business. Those around him will reference the word "constipated" on the regular and women will look at you with sorrowful eyes. That situation can't possibly end well. Next time, maybe just have some real talk one-on-one over a nice dinner. Or leave the Skype part out of it and call-in anonymously. But what do I know? I'm just some girl watching a tv show, not a New York housewife with a reality program and a wine label. Good luck. Hopefully we'll see you on Say Yes to the Dress soon.