At Yesterday's Fashion Star Auditions, These Three Dallas Designers Stood Out

A couple of familiar faces and a whole bunch of new ones filled out the line at yesterday's auditions for Fashion Star. Aspiring designers tripped over dry cleaning bags and crunched portfolios under their arms as they shuffled through the second-floor furniture department at Macy's in NorthPark Center, each hoping that their unique outlook would spark the judge's interest. We ran into a few folks that we're especially rooting for. Let's take a look.

Lyza Faye (photos at top of page ) is the line of creations by local designer Feyi Ayeni, whom you might remember her from last March's Fashion Week. This woman has got it. If there was a single soul in that line who could not only place on the show, but also win the thing, my money is on her.

She came with three perfect models -- each one impeccably dolled up, from hat to hair to a matching eye shadow, each with a cohesion and thoughtfulness put into them. Ayeni's place toward the back of the parade line means that she'll be fresh in the judges' memories when they recap yesterday's portfolios and make their final assessments. I absolutely love the hand-stitched geometric appliqué detail on this blue dress. What girl wouldn't?

I ran into Neil Marek and Robbie Richard, the nitpicky perfectionists behind local label Marek+Richard Underwear Company. Their runway offerings gave the crowd reason to fan themselves during last season's Pin Show at the Fairmont. The boys have such a fun take on an old staple, adding interesting detail and color patterns to their line of tighty no-longer whities, tanks and tees. I'd say they should be shoe-ins since they have such an unusual niche, but how will the judges choose one designer over the other? The boys hope they'll be selected as a team. Maybe we can tape up a couple arms? What do you say, judges?

Finally, I just thought this girl was adorable. Until now Jinny Hornsby has only designed clothes for dogs. Tutus, in fact. She's been selling her Heaven line at an Uptown boutique to help work her way through design school (she just received a custom order for an especially large yellow lab). Now that she's graduated, she's ready to show off her human fashions. And you know what? They're great. Jinny: stop decorating dogs. Those of us with two legs want to buy your adorable party dresses.