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Oral Fixation Season Two: The Best Stories Are Still Untold.

When Nicole Stewart sparked up Oral Fixation earlier this year, we became instantly addicted. Here's how it works: Each month's program is loosely based around a theme or concept, then local storytellers craft drag-you-in accounts of their real-life situations related to the topic. These tales are penned well in advance, then go through rounds of literary cat batting until editor Stewart determines them fit for public consumption.

In "One Night Stand" we met Hillary Link who stored the most intimate portions of her life in a second-hand piece of bedside furniture -- from medications to addictive influences, that one nightstand followed her and kept her secure. Until it couldn't.

"Cooking With Gas" reintroduced us to back-in-Dallas writer Sarah Hepola, who carefully unraveled drinking tales. Hilarious ones. The type your best friends hash out over brunch: "I woke up in a dog bed at my boss' house," kinds of confessions. But as the punchlines lengthened, sobriety set in and we realized she wasn't detailing her wildest, most Rum Diary escapades. She was explaining -- in a remarkably poignant way, how she came to understand her own alcoholism.

Each storytelling slot caps at ten minutes and roughly seven or so readers fill out an hour-long show. Tomorrow night (Tuesday, October 9), you have a chance to acquaint yourself with the seven finest presentations of 2012 and to stimulate your appetite for Season Two, which kicks off on November 6 with the theme "Baby Steps."

Nicole (who we presented with an Observer People Award for this refreshing series) will announce her full list of Season Two topics at Tuesday's show and unveil the program's new website. If you think you'd make an engaging yarn-spinner, show up and get the low down. Maybe we'll be cheering you on in an upcoming installment. All secrets are spilled at the MAC's interior theater space.

Here's the full list of presenters for October 9:

Willie Baronet- "Home is Where the Heart Is" Sarah Hepola- "Cooking with Gas" Hillary Link- "One Night Stand" Mac Lower- "One Night Stand" David Marchbanks- "Fresh Start" Whitney Presley- "Have a Field Day" Jim Smith- "Cooking with Gas"