Reading Assignment #3: Finish In the Garden of Beasts

This is it, MOBCers. The final assignment of our first book club selection, Erik Larson's In the Garden of Beasts is, naturally, Part 7 and the Epilogue.

Finish it by Friday, August 12, for another comments meeting at approximately 3:30 p.m.

We had a good discussion Friday about the middle portion of the book and just how difficult it is to comprehend that what we've been reading isn't fiction. It's tragic and disturbing what capability humans have to organize against other humans.

Or to sell Christmas trees to fund lavish galas under the guise of a charity effort.

The best comments of the second MOBC meeting came from local photographer, musician, DJ, apparent Renaissance man David Wilson (who may or may not have commented whilst being stuck in standstill bumper-to-bumper traffic, if we are to believe his tweets).

Check them after the jump.

First, Wilson offered a valid point, while making all of us, at least those of us within earshot of one another, laugh out loud:

Another part that jumps out to me is the theatrics of Goring. Seriously, no-one took him aside and told him to quit it with the costume changes and uniform designing? And that whole thing with the tour of his place and THEN the thing with his wife? Even Hitler was like, "He's moving his wife's body to the place he named after her? Sure, I'll play along."
And this one, Wilson's sort of hands-thrown-up final observation of the meeting:
And ANOTHER thing - in Ireland, we were taught that the burning of the Reichstag was carried out by the Nazis in order to suspend rights and root out communists. We weren't taught that there was any other possibility. It's interesting to me to see now that no-one has come up with a definitive explanation of what actually happened.

So with that, get to finishing that book, leave suggestions for future suggestions in the comments, and don't forget to "like" the Mixmaster Online Book Club on Facebook. We'll see you here next time!

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