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Our Favorite Pictures from Artopia 2015

You pretty people made Saturday night memorable. Forever Artopia 2015 will live as a twinkle of good times that we'll relive in photos like these by photographers Mike Brooks and Kathy Tran. You were there, taking selfies in front of the Love Me Back neon sign, designed to bring to life the cover of Merritt Tierce's debut novel. You were there, mouth agape, drooling over your first encounter with George Quartz and Slik Stockings (whom you probably refer to as the roller derby girls). You were there, buying art or stuffing delectables from the Dallas Mozzarella Company into your cheese hole. You marveled over Confetti Eddie's magic, danced your ass off to Ishi, and drank down the sounds of French 75. You hashtagged #Artopia to remind your friends that you were somewhere the lights were dimmer -- your life cooler, even as you battled the lines to score a drink, or better yet, two, for double-fisting. And you strolled down the Esplanade in Fair Park Saturday night, enjoying the 50 degree weather in January, thinking to yourself, sometimes Dallas can be a damn fun place to live.