Kevin Allison, aka "The Red Head Gay" from The State, is Bringing His RISK! Podcast to DCH

A comedian, storyteller and founding member of the sketch troupe The State is bringing his deep and dark storytelling podcast to the Dallas Comedy House next month.

Kevin Allison will record a live episode of his popular Maximum Fun podcast Risk! at 10:30 p.m. Friday, February 7.

The podcast is a live storytelling show that features true tales from comedians and performers on subjects they may rather not share with the public. The show offers a unique and surprising mix of the happy and the sad, like Allison's story above his inability to let go of someone he thinks is perfect for him, or fellow State member Ben Garant's hilarious tale about his visit to a ghost town's hotel (that his wife should never, ever listen to).

If you have a story that you think might fit the bill for the live February show and don't mind spilling your guts on stage about it, you can submit your tale by emailing a 250-word story pitch or a 2-minute MP3 recording to [email protected].