Dallas' Five Best Furniture Stores

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Ah, furniture shopping. Whether you're adding pieces to your home or starting over with a clean slate, it can be hard to know where to start (once you move from Pinterest to real-life shopping, that is). And like most every other category, there is no lack of options when it comes to furniture stores in Dallas. So let us help you. Here are our five favorite furniture stores -- presented in no particular order -- so that you can feel free to arrange and rearrange to your heart's content.

Again & Again (141 Howell St
) If custom remaking is your thing, Again & Again is your place. Newly relocated from a small house on Henderson to a larger space in the Dallas Design District, Again & Again, owned by Leslie Pritchard, features old things made new again. Sometimes a new coat of lacquer or new upholstery makes a classic just perfect for a new home. Hit up Again & Again's inventory page, Pinterest page or Facebook page, or subscribe to their email list for the latest discoveries just waiting for a little bit of love from Pritchard's team.



Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams (4519 McKinney Avenue) For an elegantly masculine home with style in spades, visit Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams for quality pieces at relatively reasonable prices. Featuring custom furniture in an impressive array of fabrics, an über friendly staff and a lamp creation station with your choice different shapes and colors, you might just feel like a kid in a candy store at MBBW. We like the Red Drawer Collection, with its rich woods, with brass accents and drawer interiors lacquered in a pop of red. Keep an eye out for sale events, where you can sometimes save up to 70%. Make a day of it and visit some bonus design candy in the immediate vicinity: Jonathan Adler, Nest and Design Within Reach.


Mecox Gardens (4532 Cole Avenue) Those looking for global, eclectic style will feel right at home at Mecox in the Knox/Henderson area. One of only eight Mecox stores in the country, the Dallas store boasts 6,000 square feet of antiques, home furnishings, art and accessories. Bonus: click around on Mecox's blog for photos, tips, discussions and more on a variety of home design topics. Or check out their inventory page where you can see product photos as well as "vignettes" -- small arrangements of furniture, art and accessories -- to help get you inspired.


Timothy Oulton (4500 N Central Expressway) Okay, Timothy Oulton is on the flamboyantly, unapologetically ridiculous side of the furniture store spectrum. There is rumor of a giant bowler hat that may find a home atop its roof, for example. There is already a giant yellow submarine aquarium inside the store, again, for example. But sometimes it's okay to sit down, hang out, and chuckle at the idea of a home filled with so much spectacle. So the next time you've been out shopping all day and sticker shock can no longer phase you, when all you want to do is have a seat in a giant club chair emblazoned with a Union Jack and sip espresso and marvel at surroundings that make you feel like you're on the set of The Aviator set in Manchester, we assure you the absolute best place to do all that is at Timothy Oulton. And who knows, if you're feeling a bit British and up for a splurge, something might just come home with you.


{neighborhood} (411 North Bishop Avenue) Cute as a bowlful of buttons and located in quirky Bishop Arts, Neighborhood is a furniture store crossed with a home goods store crossed with a design studio. Owned by Erin and Jean Paul Hossley, Neighborhood offers reasonably-priced furniture, art and décor by local and national artists and craftsmen. In fact, they specialize in revamping spaces affordably. Don't see what you're looking for? No worries; the folks at Neighborhood can create custom pieces that are exactly what you want. Just walk in, sit down at the design bar and discuss your design vision. You'll be glad they're in the neighborhood.