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Violent Rome Makes For Perfect Trash. Pick It Up At Texas Theatre, Tonight.

Trench coat? Check. Mustache? Check. Seven minute long chase scene with wheel-mounted camera shots, ala Bullitt? Yeah, it's got that, too.

It's gotta be Violent Rome, the 1975 gutter classic, screening tonight at Texas Theater. It's this week's pick for Tuesday Night Trash, the curated series appropriate for anyone who gleefully traded their sensibilities away for a bitchin' collection of Garbage Pail Kids, ages ago.

Here's what you can expect when you cozy up for tonight's beat down: Comissionario Betti is an Italian cop with a serious set of meatballs. When his brother is murdered, Betti gets more ethically flexible (read: violent) in his handling of criminals. Soon, he's off the force. Stripped of his badge and bursting with unresolved beef, Betti starts canoodling with other fans of street justice. Soon, Italy's most destructive neighborhood watch group is formed.

Italians take their car racing so seriously that they call their vehicle "la macchina" -- which directly translates to The Machine. This Italio-crime, mink coat-ripping, flower shop-crashing tittie-flopping flick features one of the greatest, and longest, chase scenes of all time. That's just how they roll in Rome. Add in cool '70s cars and a reliably bumpin' hook of theme music and you're wading deep in Tuesday Night Trash.

If you need to take a booty-shake break, just pop upstairs for Tuesday Night Record Club. That, my friends, is where the wax is dropped. Oh! And there's a bar -- for the uninitiated, bars are magical places where fun is poured one ounce at a time. The movie (9ish) and record party (8ish) are both free, so get off your can and go get trashed.

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