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Dallas Named 19th Best Big City for Art, Ahead of Houston and San Antonio

Check your URL, because you haven't inadvertently clicked over to The Onion. Dallas was ranked 19th in the Top 25 Big Cities for Art by AmericanStyle Magazine in its June 2012 Summer issue. (Up from 24th in 2011 and 2010). Granted, we didn't get a fancy write-up like the big daddies on the East Coast or Chicago, but we did beat the fuck out of San Antonio and Houston (21 and 22, respectively.)

Kidding, kidding. We're happy for y'all, too. After all, you're key players in the Republic's eventual takeover. (Shout-out to Small Art Towns, Marfa, Fredericksberg and Wimberly.)

But, so yeah ... about this?

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