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The Infamous Marfa Playboy Bunny and Other Richard Phillips Art Pieces are Coming to Dallas

When the West Texas town of Marfa saw that one of its major interstates had a giant, metal Playboy bunny logo trying to titillate anyone who drove by it, the town erupted into an angry orgy of outrage. They were shocked that New York artist Richard Phillips would dare to use the awesome power of art to challenge the personal control of their glands by making them think about sex.

The bad news is that the giant bunny head is coming down, but the good news is it's coming to Dallas where heathens like us can appreciate its aesthetic goodness.

The Quad Cities Times reported that Phillips' Playboy bunny sculpture is being taken down as part of a deal with the Texas Department of Transportation, which claimed that the sculpture did not have the proper permits to be displayed along the highway. So when it comes down, it will be transported to Dallas for a special exhibit of Phillips' works at the Dallas Contemporary art museum.

The exhibit will open sometime in March 2014 and include the infamous Playboy bunny sculpture as well as two more "three-dimensional art works displayed along with paintings and drawings," according to the article.

Of course, it's still unclear what will happen to the giant bunny once the exhibit is done. I'm sure there are a bunch of fraternities that would be more than willing to take it off their hands and hang it next to their beloved Budweiser mirror in the "pledge room" if the artist can't find another place for it.