Things To Do

The Transformers Fan Convention, BotCon, is Coming to Dallas. Like, Soon.

For a few days at the end of April, the Hyatt Regency will temporarily become Cybertron.

This fan convention, which is known throughout the known human multi-verse as BotCon 2012, serves as one big ol' Transformers gush-a-thon. This year, Hasbro (the awesome toy company that makes awesome Transformers), is also holding a Hall of Fame ceremony. According to the release, this year's recipients of the THOFFA -- Transformers Hall of Fucking Fame Award* (*not its real name) -- are writer Simon Furman and Chris Latta. Latta, who voiced 'Starscream,' is getting the award posthumously.

Either way, they'll be some serious toys to make sticky with your drool. Also, there will be "fan-created dioramas." Awesome. The who / where / when's right here, clearly, at Tickets are $20 (children ages 6-12 can get in for $10), and even tinier folk can get in for free.