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Trina Turk Boutique Open in Highland Park Village

Those into high-end have some new, very fashionable, doors to stroll through in Highland Park Village. Last Saturday morning marked the first day that the 1300-square-foot Trina Turk Boutique was open for business.

The store offers the Turk not only ready-to-wear and accessories (including summer appropriate collections), but also a selection from the residential collection.

Label lovers are no doubt already panting at the selection, but in our opinion, it's the decor that's the stand-out. Designer Trina Turk, known for her bright, bold use of color and fun but accessible patterns, offers up a boutique that is largely a neutral palette with vivid pops to excite the eye and make us feel like we're out on a breezy lanai instead of in the middle of a heatwave.

Kelly green anchors the lounge (and residential display) area by way of a circular banquette and Turk patterned pillows, with orange appearing in contained bursts in fitting rooms (and echoing the flourishes of orangey red in the newest Turk offerings). Decorative accessories give the showroom a "mid-century modern and contemporary hooked up at a garden party" look that's fresh and appropriately flirty.

In other words, the Trina Turk boutique does a wonderful job of showcasing the wears, but as the lounge area makes us content to chill out and take in the decor, we're now going to be jonesing for more Turk housewares.