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18 Awesome Things to Do This Weekend, September 18 - 21

Thinner than Water The basis of a good family drama is the unified hatred of the patriarch. Well, hatred might be a strong word. Indifference? If there's one thing most of America can agree upon, it's that our parents fucked us up and we're not to blame for our deteriorating lives. The combustibility of family is the centerpiece of Melissa Ross' new play Thinner than Water, which receives its regional premiere at Kitchen Dog Theater at 8 p.m. Friday. If you're anything like the rest of us, chances are good that you'll recognize a bit of your own family in this comedy that The New York Times called, "Intellingently wrought." If the Kitchen Dogs have proven anything to us in the last 24 seasons, it's that they can bring out the fierce funniness in dark comedy. So, let this play serve as a bit of therapy for you. Thinner than Water runs at Kitchen Dog Theater (3120 McKinney Ave) through October 25. Tickets range from $20-40 are available at