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Wednesday WTF?: Ever Used A Silly Sausage Dog to Score Jewels?

It's the Wednesday WTF? wherein we randomly select a photo/video/thing that makes us say those three special words.

Now I would never force my dogs through a field of spikes, lasers or creeping rotary blades just to fetch me some bling, but seeing as how Silly Sausage isn't mine, I've had no problem killing him off repeatedly in my quest for workplace entertainment.

With the tap of a few keys, Nitrome's sticky stretchy twisty wonder dog makes his way through pipes, around corners, and into shocking walls of spiky pain on his quest for jewels, and I keep killing him, level after level. No worries though: His demise is pretty sweet, as he spins around and pops like a puppy balloon.

Silly Sausage was released just last Friday, but check out Nitrome's quick preview video after the jump for the full WTF? experience, to get you stretched and ready to play.