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Fashion Week Dallas Day One: Carolina Herrera Keeps it Pretty

​Kicking off Fashion Week Dallas 2012 is best done with an oversized jeweled anklet, a note proven last night as collections by SOCIAL List and Carolina Herrera shared the runway at the Adolphus Hotel, outfitted with jewelry by local companies Body Elements and BootGlams.

Dallas designer SOCIAL List assembled a 12-piece closet-crossing series that combined menswear with ladies' apparel in a fun, if not disjointed assemblage. SOCIAL List's men's jackets met between military and bellhop with their high-neck collars and long horizontal strap closures.

Those and the women's more casual pieces were outshone by the sparkling simplicity of the collection's three deco-meets-disco evening dresses. 1920s in reference but '80s in length and sex appeal, these shimmery little cocktail numbers dripped and draped sequins along the swishy scallop-cut fabric to form a theme of Prohibition, as told by ABBA.

The coveted collection by Caroline Herrera was the evening's main attraction, and understandably so. Herrera has never been in jeopardy of going out of style, a perennial fashion favorite known best for her preferred white cotton shirts has gained solid footing with a younger generation of style-savvy glitterati. That Twilight wedding would have been in the nude had Herrera not designed Stewart's gown, and rowdy rapping sassafras Nicki Minaj has been perched front row at Herrera's New York offerings.

Last night a window was pried open to Herrera's not-yet-in-stores Spring/Summer series. If there was a theme that united the looks, it was decadent travel. While several two-pieces poked fun at late '60s stewardess culture retold through refined craftsman construction, it was a charming Navy-inspired high-waisted puff skirt and silky striped blouse combination that won the walk.

Pulling from that late '50s early '60s dainty era, the deep blue and cream skirt appeared poised for flight -- as though a breeze might fill it, raise it, and set both it and girl to sail softly away. She was spared only by the generous work of the tiny brass nautical details placed on the cap sleeves, which must have kept her anchored to the earth.

Tonight's Fashion Week Dallas event will take place at the House of Blues (2200 N. Lamar) with a runway presentation by Carpe Diem Bride, makeovers by Tiffany Luong, and fun little extras like massages and gifts. It runs from 6:30 to 11 and costs $15 for general admission, $30 for VIP.

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