Tig Notaro, Whose Post-Cancer Set Blew Louis C.K.'s Doors Off, is in Dallas Next Week

We don't know if it's got something to do with the lack of promotion of Sons of Hermann Hall events, the public being distracted by all the twists and turns in the rebuilding Big Tex saga, or the overwhelming indifference of an uncaring world, but somewhat excellent stand-up and all-round funny lady Tig Notaro is trying to sneak into Dallas virtually unnoticed next week.

She, and two people we assume are her friends (otherwise the whole thing is going to make for pretty uncomfortable listening), are down in Deep Ellum as part of a tour to live record the podcast she co-hosts.

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Professor Blastoff, a podcast that is essentially amusing people talking geekily about things like philosophy, science and really anything that is as far removed as possible from your average Dane Cook set, also features Reno 911 and Sarah Silverman's Kyle Dunnigan and another less famous man by the name of David Huntsberger.

Notaro, of course, was hailed by Louis C.K. as performing one of the "handful of truly great, masterful standup sets" last year when she took to the stage after finding out she had breast cancer. She is too high-grade a comic to be allowed into Dallas without some large gathering, possibly featuring some bunting and definitely some cake, so let's make sure the date of April 30 at Sons of Hermann Hall doesn't go by without some serious attention, OK?