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Baysplosions to Prepare You for the Granada Theater's Summer Mockbusters: Armageddon

Michael Bay loves 'splosions. His first words were probably "I wanna 'splode;" he's the Ricky Bobby of blowing shit up. This isn't blogger hyperbole either. He'll often say in interviews that as a child in Los Angeles, his interest in filmmaking dates back to the time he was grounded after blowing up a toy train and filming the scene with his mother's 8 millimeter camera. I mean, he could be making that up because he has a pronounced flair for the obvious over-dramatic. That's why he became known for "Baysplosions" - his obvious, excessive use of

Armageddon, for example, is a film filled with excessive explosions and countdowns to said explosions. It's the perfect film to cap off the Granada Theater's Summer Mockbusters series - a Master Pancake-esque night of film mockery. These free movie nights inside the historic Greenville Ave. theater features a live Twitter feed, where comedians from the Dallas Comedy House and noobs like me and you can Tweet our clever 140 character jokes for everyone in the house to enjoy.

Saturday's screening includes the original Asteroids arcade game for play in the lobby; the gamer with the highest score will win Granada tickets. Plus, the bar will serve animal crackers for a movie snack. But don't be fooled by the childish treats, this screening is 18+up. Doors open at 7 p.m. More info at

Oh, and before you go, enjoy this Youtube user's cut of all the Baysplosions.