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Make Your Own Scary Movie at The Movie Institute's (Insert Lightning Sound Effect Here) "Halloween Movie Workshop"

Does anyone else notice how much modern horror movies suck? Sure there's an occasional creative hit like the first Paranormal Activity or The Cabin in the Woods, but the second a horror movie shows a modicum of popularity, Hollywood runs into the dirt with an endless series of pointless sequels and an even more endless series of lukewarm ripoffs. I'm tempted to make a zombie analogy, but I'm worried that might give them an idea for one more movie that will make me wish George A. Romero never came up with the idea in the first place.

If we don't want to be subjected to more Saw sequels than there are Super Bowls, we need to start finding filmmakers now who can lead us into a bright new world filled with stories about endless gallons of spilled blood, monsters with no regard for the sanctity of life and visions that keep us from walking into a darkened room without using our phones as makeshift flashlights (you know you still do that). Of course, I'm talking about our children.

The Movie Institute also seems worried about the state of the horror movie's vital signs because they've been putting together a "Halloween Movie Workshop" every year in October. A group of enterprising kids work overnight for a three-day period on a short horror movie (no higher than PG-13, of course) complete with special effects, music, a set and, of course, a health amount of blood. The YouTube video above is actually the film that last year's group produced called "Blood Cult."

The shoot starts today and runs through the weekend and this time they've managed to secure an actual shopping mall (or should I say chopping mall? BWHAHAHAHA!) as the location for their film. Kids and their parents can sign up at the Movie Institute's website for a spot on the crew as a daily participant schedule or a lock-in that will let them stay overnight in the mall presumably to pick up the creepy vibe that such a place is sure to offer.