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DTC Made A Pro Wrestling Video Game. Get Beat Up, Earn Discounts.

As a tease for DTC's upcoming production Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity, the Dallas Theater Center has released a video game on its website called Powerbomb. Kristoffer Diaz' Pulitzer finalist play examines the lives of professional wrestlers -- you know, those guys who are selected to be winning heroes or losing villains. In Powerbomb, you lose. The more you're able to lose by (read: get the crap kicked out of you), the bigger you score.

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It's a fun marketing angle, and most games result in slight discounts off tickets to the show, which runs from October 19 to 26 at the Wyly. Deity will utilize the theater's modular abilities to accommodate the addition of a wrestling ring in the center of the room and four Jumbotron screens. Awesome. In the meantime, let your avatar get brutalized.