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Eight Best Spas in Dallas, Because You Really Need To Relax

In this hectic world full of traffic, student loans, and boring jobs, relaxation is an absolute must. Most of us don't budget enough time or cash to bliss out from time to time, which will probably mean that we'll all end up dead from all the stress of our fast-paced lives by the time we're 50. If you're interested in avoiding that early, overly-caffeinated death, going to the spa is an excellent way to recharge your batteries if vacation just isn't in the cards.

And sure, going to the spa is expensive, but so is the therapist that you're inevitably going to need after that nervous breakdown. You don't have to mortgage your townhouse to indulge in some of Dallas' best spa services, but you should occasionally save up your extra pennies to spring for a full she-bang spa day at one of these eight excellent places to get your zen on.