Visual Art

David Collins' "City of Wood" at Valley House Gallery

Abstract paintings can appear so abstract that it's difficult to interpret meaning from the crowded geometric shapes or intersections of paint splashes and splotches. Abstract painter David Collins layers abstract images on each other in his works, but the result is not an onslaught of imagery that leaves one looking for meaning. Instead, Collins' works capture his memories, mainly of his family's Cold War era technology business, and physical spaces that were associated with these memories.

"City of Wood" seems reminiscent of Cold War fears as an apocalyptic black cloud reaches toward structures that appear to have fallen, and some structures in the background seem to have withstood the force of whatever has shaken the rest of this world.

You can see "City of Wood" and other paintings from Collins at the Clearstory exhibition at Valley House Gallery and Sculpture Garden through September 24. Call 972-239-2441 or visit

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