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Magnificent Beard's Connor Hill Doesn't Mind If You Call Him a Turd

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Connor Hill is a hard worker in slacker dude clothing. He has no less than one million jobs, does his best to work "penis" into every answer and doesn't mind if you call him a turd. He's one of the smartypants behind Magnificent Beard, a duo of super talented printmakers.

Who are you and what do you do?

I'm Connor Hill. I'm a designer at Bottle Rocket apps , co-owner, printmaker, everything-er at Magnificent Beard, creative director at Transit Bicycle Company, freelancer, cat fluffer, penis toucher and Official Meat Fight thing maker.

Where are you from? Houston, Texas

How did you learn to draw? One of those turtle ads?

Actually I did one of those when I was a kid and I got in big trouble because I sent it off without my mom knowing and we got a bunch of spam and she had to call them and harass 'em. I thought my dreams were going to come true.

How'd you learn to draw really?

I just started doing it and I never stopped since kindergarten on. I made my own comics 'cause I couldn't have any comics 'til I got a little older.

What's your favorite time waster?

Threes!, video games,

What's Threes!?

It's an app. A game. Like Candy Crush, but better.

Did you own rollerblades?


Follow-up: Why?

They were cool at the time. What I actually liked to do was put full pads on because my mom had to make me wear full pads and then run and slide down the driveway on my elbows and knees because that was way more fun than rollerblading.

Who are your art idols? Caricature artists?

I like Pen Ward from Adventure Time, Ghostshrimp, John Kricfalusi from Ren & Stimpy...

Did you want to do cartoons when you were younger?

Yeah, I wanted to be an animator when I was a kid. I studied all the old Disney animators and a lot of the Japanese animation directors and then as I got older I realized they all died really young and made no money and it was really hard so I went into design.

What's the first CD you ever bought?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Motion Picture Soundtrack

What's the weirdest food you ever ate?

Sea urchin because technically it's their sex parts.

If Aunt Erma leaves you one million dollars, what do you do?

Probably move to Japan, be a real weirdo, buy a lot of panty-vending machines, but fill them with my own panties...heavily used.

Do you have any pets?

Yes. I have two cats. Their names are Pilot and Bee. Pilot is Pi-Pi, Pippy Dippy, Ping Pong, Pi-Tron Z. Bee is The Beethan, Beevans, Theodore Beezels.

What's the best advice you ever got?

A cab driver in New Orleans that told me, "Hell, some people sniff socks. What do I care?"

What was the message?

Do what you want.

What's the best advice you can give little turds like yourself? Like how did you get into Mag Beard-ing?

We just tried it one day. We got bored and we saw a bunch of stuff and figured hey, we can do that too so then we went and did it. We used the Internet to figure it all out...and trial and error and a lot of fucking up so go fuck up.