The Red-Haired Eagle Has Landed: You and Conan O'Brien Are Now Officially in the Same State As Evidenced By This Photo

We're trying not to go all TMZ here with updates about celebrities doing things that us normals do everyday like stopping for a burger, buying toilet paper in bulk and berating an intern for bringing us the wrong kind of coffee by giving them third-degree burns with it so they'll learn an important lesson. However, this is Conan O'Frickin' Brien, the man who blew up our blog a few weeks back with the small announcement that he would tape a week of shows at the end of the month at The Majestic for his late night show on TBS.

So forgive our gleeful, almost schoolgirl-like excitement upon learning the news that we're now officially sharing a state with the man, his sidekick Andy Richter and (most exciting of all) Triumph the Insult Comic Dog.

We learned this after a photo appeared on Whataburger's Facebook page of the late night show posing for a friendly picture with one of their employees at the fast food chain's location in Cleburne. Baylie Sullins, one of the restaurant's managers, said the host stopped in for a bite with some of his crew members around 5 p.m. last Saturday.

She said they weren't exactly sure he was the real thing and didn't want to bother him. If anything, he clearly wasn't from around here since he wasn't familiar with the menu and had to ask for her opinion on the best burger in the joint (The correct answer, of course, is the Chophouse Cheddar Burger, which from now on will be called the "ChoCho").

"I was like that guy is really tall and he looks awfully familiar," Sullins said. "I didn't realize who it was at first. Then one of my coworkers said that he looked a whole lot like Conan O'Brien. None of us wanted to say anything because we didn't want to be rude. Then one of my co-workers asked, 'Hey, you look an awful lot like Conan O'Brien.' He said he gets that a lot and then he told us who he was."

Monica Langston, the employee who appeared in the photo, was the first to find the gumption to ask Conan O'Brien if he was indeed Conan O'Brien.

"They ate their meal and came back up for a shake and I asked, 'Are you sure you're not Conan O'Brien?'" Langston said. "He just said 'Ma'am, I am' as plain as could be."

Naturally, the late night host was hospitable and friendly and didn't mind taking a few photos or talking about what they were doing in their little part of the universe. Langston said O'Brien told her he was in Cleburne to shoot a remote piece for his upcoming block of shows in Dallas, something about being a "Deputy for a Day in Cleburne."

"It was pretty exciting for a little ol' one horse town like this," Langston said.