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For Tonight Only, The Chinese Lantern Festival Offers Half-Priced Admission

If you aren't one of the 175,000 people who have already visited the Chinese Lantern Festival in Fair Park, give your inner cheapskate a sloppy high-five. Your laziness has paid off, because the illuminated production has just announced a holiday gift to the community with half-priced admission this evening, on Monday, December 17.

It's one-night only, but with weekday ticket prices typically set at $14 for adults and $9 for children, Monday's special rate is a steal. It drops the entry fee for a family of four down to $23 from $46. That leaves more cash for the important stuff, like holiday candy, presents and your super secret emergency stash of Bailey's.

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That ain't all -- there will also be live music by North Texas musicians and the grand unveiling of a Chinese Wishing Tree. The Lantern Festival's run was extended until January 6th and is open on all holidays.