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Downtown Dallas Inc. is Throwing Pop-Up Weekly Happy Hours. Where? It's a Surprise.

That rascally non-profit Downtown Dallas, Inc. wants to crack some brews with you. It's launching a weekly pop-up happy hour series and inviting you, and other haggard cubicle workers, to drink craft beer in our city's parks and plazas.

There will be four of the Thursday evening parties, with the first one kicking off this week on August 9 at Pegasus Park (5.p.m.) and another occurring each Thursday for the next month at different locations. Stay in the loop. The spots remain a mystery until D.D.I. announces them on their Twitter and Facebook pages; this week we got 24 hours notice. Scoot on over today and knock 'em back with other Twitter ninjas. You'll get a different flavor of Andrew's beer each week.

Get hip now. These things become crazy once everyone else catches on.