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We're Giving Away a Nebraska on Blu-Ray Because I Have a Man Crush on Will Forte

Several weeks back I listened to two long, in-depth interviews with the actor and comedian Will Forte, one with Chris Hardwick and one with Marc Maron. Forte was charming and silly and is apparently unlucky in love, a family man worried he'll never have a family, and he's profoundly weird. A bro-crush, initiated years back in that always-about-to-blow warehouse, was deepened.

Seeing Nebraska only helped. In it, Forte plays an idling Midwesterner whose aging father, played by Bruce Dern, becomes convinced he's won $1 million in a PCH-style sweepstakes. Forte's character agrees to escort his dad to claim his nonexistent prize. Understated hijinx, and some mild life lessons, ensue.

The movie is nominated for Best Picture at Sunday's Oscars, among other awards. Forte's not nominated, so he doesn't have to sit there looking sad while Jared Leto collects his hardware. But he'll get to sit there, and he's bringing his mom.

The movie also is just out on DVD and Blu-Ray. So last week, Paramount sent me a copy and asked if I'd interview Forte. I said yes, because Nebraska is worth a watch, and because sometimes I say yes to interviewing artists I admire before realizing there's not much I can do with it. (Hi, Judd!)

I talked to Forte briefly this week. I asked him three inane questions, and he answered them all politely before having to answer the next guy's inane questions. To say anymore would be a waste of everyone's time. So here's what we'll do:

If you want to learn more about Forte, listen to his interviews with Nerdist and WTF. They're very worth your time.

And if you haven't seen Nebraska, or want to rewatch it, or are industrious and totally disinterested in karma and want to sell it at Half Price Books, send an email to [email protected] with "Nebraska" in the subject line. We'll pick a winner at 4 p.m. today, ask for your address and send the Blu-Ray your way. Because Forte deserves your crush too, bro or otherwise.