For JFK's 95th Birthday, The Sixth Floor Museum Hosts Chris Matthews

Being an election year, you'd be right to expect that more than a few politicos will be crawling out of the woodwork to invigorate their respective bases and jostle the American public from its Twinkie coma to pull down some votes. And that's exactly what we suspect MSNBC analyst Chris Matthews is up to with his new biography, Jack Kennedy: Elusive Hero, dropping in time for the summer gear-up for the biggest electoral snoozer since Welcome to Mooseport.

Matthews will be in town tonight at the Sixth Floor Museum to talk shop and sign copies at 7:00 p.m at 411 Elm Street. KERA's Lee Cullum will moderate discussion about Matthews' book, which jabs at the notion of Kennedy's aristocratic upbringing, claiming he was "more Gatsby than legacy," a self-made man whose success came through education and endurance and at great personal sacrifice. Hard to imagine how that could possibly resonate in the current cycle, huh?

It's May 29 - JFK's 95th birthday and the last day to vote in the Texas primary - so, get your civic duty on and consider checking out a new take on the oft-biographed 35th president, based on first-person accounts and historic interviews with the ambitious goal of painting him in a new and engaging light. Tickets cost $25. Call 214-747-6660 ext. 5517 to purchase.

And, you can still find out where to cast your ballot right here.

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