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DSO Presents Distant Worlds: Music From Final Fantasy!

Gamers, if we learned one thing this year it is this: When the Dallas Symphony Orchestra plays the score of a popular video game, it is glorious. Also, it'll sell out. Like, fast. For one geektastic night DSO will perform "Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy" and you will embrace your inner 10-year old, make-out with your original Nintendo console and scoff about how mediocre King's Quest was, comparatively. You will apologize to nobody for this state of regression. That's the great thing about getting older: You've earned the right love harder, rather than outgrow, portions of your youth.

Über fans who wish to take their quest beyond the initial battle (standard seating) can drop extra gold for VIP. They'll run from $150 to $200 bucks each, but you'll sit in a box or center front orchestra and --- wait for it! --- you'll get a meet-and-greet with Final Fantasy conductor Arnie Roth and composer Masashi Hamauzu! Yep, Hamauzu is flying in from Japan specifically to watch the performance, so you can thank him for composing the song you used as the first dance at your wedding while your wife blushes and hangs her head in shame.

Get your tickets to the June 15 performance now; worry about who you'll take later. This thing is too good to pass up.

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