Louie Starts On FX Tonight, So: Five Of Our Favorite Louis C.K. Bits

The second season of Louis C.K.'s latest half-hour comedy, Louie, starts up at 9:30 Central tonight on FX. If it's anything like his stand-up, his first show (Lucky Louis on HBO), or the first season of Louie, it will be a wonderfully and purposefully disjointed driving tour of C.K.'s head space, a dark, weird place I love to visit but am damn happy I don't live.

To gear yourself up -- or, if you're unfamiliar with his work, to gauge your interest -- I hastily pulled together five of my favorite bits from his career. Hat tip to YouTube for existing.

5. "There Should Really Be a Couple of Laws" Louis on naming kids.

4. "Thank God For That Shit" Louis on the magic of being white.

3. "Can't I Just Be Stupid?" Louis on women. Specifically, the wife kind.

2. "I Gotta Get To Work" Louis on the fine art of marital masturbation.

1. "Everything is Amazing and Nobody's Happy" Louis on what a bunch of ungrateful pricks we are.