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Saturday is East Dallas Gallery Day: 9 Great Shows, Free Beer and Giveaways!

They say the simplest ideas are often the best. When Brian Gibb noticed that Chicago had a day where all of the galleries banded together and threw a party he thought, "We should have one, and call it Gallery Day." Saturday, June 16, you get to reap the benefits of this remarkably self-explanatory concept when nine local galleries open from noon to 9 p.m. and serve complimentary drinks. Thanks, Gibb.

You can check out the ongoing shows at W.A.A.S. (featuring artwork by Jonathan Ramirez ), The Public Trust (Mylan Nguyen and Taro-Kun), Kettle Art (Dan and Catheryn Colcer), 500X (Special re-opening of "Hot-N-Sweaty" group exhibition), CentralTrak, and Oliver Francis Gallery (Jeff Gibbon's Boylet Toilet is on display, and it's a rather beautiful contraption. The artist will be there between 7 and 9 p.m. to chat and answer questions.) They're all within bicycle distance and food trucks will be parked outside of various galleries throughout the day.

The Public Trust is doing all kinds of price slashing: $5 mystery t-shirts ("We've never made a bad one, so it's a bargain," says Gibb.), half-priced prints, mystery boxes of books and zines and all kinds of other goodies.

Completely first-look shows pop up at three galleries. Kirk Hopper presents an exhibition from Berlin-based artist Daniela Comani called History, Film and Dynamite. Over at Barry Whistler Gallery you get Hill Works, a show by John-Paul Philippe. The Reading Room puts up its latest too, with collages by Matthew Cusick.

The first 30 folks to enter each gallery's doors get goody bags (Magnificent Beard designed a special t-shirt for the day, and there's some tucked into select give-away packages, so go early.) Also, pace yourself: Brooklyn Brewery is a sponsor and cold brew awaits you at each stop. I know what you're thinking: this is amazing, but what about the other galleries? Gibb leaked that those guys will be represented soon. Look out next month: rumor has it that their will be a Gallery Day showcasing the west side of town. Until then, go see some damn art.

Wanna coordinate your day around the food trucks? You got it. Here's a link for who will be where and when.