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Don't Mess With Big Tex. Give Bill Bragg His Contract Back.

The Great State Fair of Texas has chosen not to renew Bill Bragg's contract. You might know him as BIG TEX'S FREAKING VOICE.

They say they're going to find a new Big Tex voice to go with the new Big Tex. I say no. No, this. No auditions. No new bullshit voice. I say it's time for us to do something about it. It's time to demand change. To act. To really make a difference. And we all know how that's done: It's time to change our profile pictures.

Real Big Tex would be so pissed about this. He's probably still in a Big Tex coma, so I bet they didn't even ask him if he wanted new vocal cords.

Let's do something about this. Let's change our Facebook profile pics to this for three minutes straight:

Let's gchat with our friends about how mad this makes us. Let's write The State Fair of Texas strongly worded emails. Let's blow up their Facebook page and Twitter accounts with reasons why Bill Bragg is the bomb, and why changing Big Tex is not what The People want.

If social media can't save Bill Bragg's contract, nothing will. We must act. If we don't change our profile pictures for three minutes straight, where will we be? Standing there, at the giant feet of New Big Tex, with our giant corny dogs in our hands, listening to Lance Armstrong, the new voice of New Big Tex? No, please.

I am upset.