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Samurai Cop Screens For Free At Texas Theatre Tonight. No Need To Ask For A Refund.

Every week Texas Theatre finds a truly terrible movie and screens it as Tuesday Night Trash. Tonight's selection, Samurai Cop, is the warm gum stuck to the loafer of Hollywood producer Amir Shervan. Try as he might to scrape it off on a rock, evidence of its existence will live on in grainy, comedic re-showing for eternity.

It's like a porn with no copulation. A coke-bender without the narcotics. And its star, actor Matt Hannon, looks like he should be peddling romance novels on QVC, but instead he's stumbling through basic lines, liberally abusing bronzer, and hacking off the limbs of wrong-doers while hitting on chicks. Ahh, cinema.

Savor the awfulness tonight at 9 p.m. at Texas Theatre when this cult 1989 ratking is lured out of the sewer and screened for your amusement. It is completely free.

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