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13 Awesome Things To Do in Dallas This Weekend: July 19 to 22

Hey fellow nerds, geeks and dweebs: This is your weekend to shine. Friday, July 20 marks the 43 anniversary of Neil Armstrong planting his kicks on the moon. To celebrate, let's watch this Michael Jackson moonwalking video. It's pretty boss.

There's so much happening this weekend: The Nerdist is doing a live podcast recording, f. is for frank is throwing a jewelry-launch party, there are essayists, yard sales at bars, fashion shows, free films, stoner comics and even day-drinking with dogs. Theoretically your most stoniest friend, your poorest friend and your dog can find something to do here this weekend, so be a pal and share this list with them. I'll see you out there guys; let's all do shots in honor of the moon. "To the moon!"