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Lewisville is Finally Getting Its Own My Little Pony Convention

Most of us have a love or obsession with something that we'd rather not tell other people about because we fear being judged or called names. Some people cultivate those loves or obsessions for that very reason -- because it makes them unique and they love telling you about it so they can see the face you make, the one that makes you look like you are witnessing some kind of instructional video on animal husbandry.

So far be it from me to point out how weird it might seem that grown men would have an obsession with collecting something girly like "My Little Pony" or the fact that they have massive conventions that are aimed specifically at the adult male side of the toy's massive fan base. Resist the urge to try to psychoanalyze the reasons behind why guys who look like truck drivers and construction workers have garages filled with unopened "Soarin" dolls or rare play sets that would look more at home in a daycare center for girls. In other words, just roll with it when Lewisville's Brony-Fest 2014 lands in March.

The Rowdy Rough Bronies Club, the Lewisville chapter of the Brony universe, is hosting a three-day gathering of all things "My Little Pony" for their members, interested collectors or people who just want to figure it out for themselves, even if they know they'll leave with more questions than answers. The event schedule reads like a list of just about any fan convention with cosplay contests, RPG touranments, art and animation seminars, live fan fiction reading and a "My Little Karaoke" contest. The most interesting is the "Plushie Tea Party" because tickets are required presumably to be sold by Mr. Snugglebear.

The schedule also includes some non-Brony events, presumably for parents or friends who are being dragged to a "My Little Pony" convention and need something to do other than wish they had come up with a better excuse for that weekend. They can enjoy a late night screening of The Big Lebowski, kill some time in their old style arcade room or participate in a charity fun run.

Of course, no fan convention is complete without appearances by celebrities that only true fans would recognize and gush over endlessly. This year's event will feature an appearance by actor Matt Hill, the voice of such popular characters as "Soarin'" as well as Raphael from the big screen version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Kevin from the Saturday morning cartoon classic Captain N: The Game Master.