Louis C.K. Dallas Week: When You've Run Out of Louis, Turn to the Opie and Anthony Show

Louis C.K. plays two shows the Majestic on Saturday, and since life is looking forward or looking back, we're going to look forward to the hell out of this all week.

Today: Louis on the Opie and Anthony Show.

Never listen to the Opie and Anthony show? Yeah, me neither. We're probably better off. It seems like smart-enough radio at times, but it also seems racist and sexist and wildly sophomoric, and not as entertaining as some of the sophomoric radio that exists out there, starting with Stern. Case in point: The video above, from 2008, in which Anthony argued that Congress would give Obama leniency as the president because he's black.

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That said: When you go hunting for more Louis C.K., as the obsessive fan inevitably does, you eventually come across hours -- literally hours -- of audio from C.K.'s appearances on the show. And in ways it's C.K. at his best, because it's fully unscripted, wild, brutally honest. And, as always, hilarious.

Like when they ask him whether he's voting for Obama or Clinton.

"I'm kind of a holding-my-nose-to-both guy," C.K. says. "Because I just farted in a voting booth."