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A 50/50 Laugh/Cry Response to Anna Kendrick's Latest Film Is Totally Appropriate

Despite only gracing the screen for eight short years thus far, actress Anna Kendrick has starred alongside some of Hollywood's leading men and made herself into quite the leading lady, not to mention earning a Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination for her role in 2009's Up in the Air while she's been at it. And of course there's that whole Twilight thing.

Now Kendrick is taking on cancer, figuratively of course, as she stars alongside Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen in 50/50 as a not-quite-seasoned therapist attempting to console a young man her same age (Gordon-Levitt) who unexpectedly learns that he has a rare form of spinal cancer and must learn how to deal.

The film is as humorous as it is poignant in a way that we've never quite seen on screen, specifically with the subject matter of cancer and its effects on victims in their twenties, as well as family and friends around them. 50/50 is semi-autobiographical in a way, as its writer Will Reiser actually did battle with cancer during his time as a writer, with friends Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, on Da Ali G Show. Kendrick and the rest of the cast are what bring that heartfelt and grounded script to life, with performances that are as genuine as the film's sentiments.

I recently sat down with the actress (who I also happen to be the same age as) to talk about a film that says it's OK to both laugh a bit and cry a bit when it comes to a horrible disease that unfortunately many of us are all too familiar with -- whether it's because of friends, family members, or even ourselves. We also chatted about how the film itself, with its relatable characters, has served as a therapeutic experience for movie goers that Kendrick has had the opportunity to interact with -- a rare thing in a cinematic world of unrelateable archetypes.

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