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Come for Brunch, Stay for Burt

If you haven't spent a lot of time in the up-and-coming Design District, Saturday's brunch at Photographs Do Not Bend is a perfect opportunity to traverse streets with names like "Inspiration" and "Dragon" and to check out the burgeoning neighborhood. Just like you preferred Bieber when he was underground (okay, that was a failed attempt at irony), now's the time to infuse your hot self into what we're thinking could be the next great hang out for pierced people who think outside the Pearl-Olive box.

Photographs Do Not Bend is known for showing favorites like Misty Keasler and Chema Madoz, and they're hosting you tomorrow for their free Annual Holiday Brunch, serving coffee, pastries and mimosas. But, while they love serving "champagne for their real friends," PDNB is more about the art, and you need to see Pictures of Me, which is a huge, conceptual installation celebrating gallery director Burt Finger. Finger's a Dallas institution who has been shooting this city for decades. Roughly 20 artists created or compiled portraits of him, from a Sweetgum wood carving to a 1974 oil on canvas painting by Brandon Finger as a child. The eclectic collection examines the life of an artist-turned-businessman and the ways those two drastically different worlds -- creation and profit -- converge and collide.

Brunch is from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. tomorrow and will feature a book signing by photographer and local philanthropist Bob Chilton, celebrating his new book, Serious Croquet.

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