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Aaron Sorkin is Writing the Steve Jobs Movie, and He's Definitely Thinking Differently

What you see above is Aaron Sorkin, writer of all of the things people like, talking about his plans for the forthcoming Steve Jobs biopic, based on the biography by Walter Isaacson. It includes this rather detailed reveal, which was transcribed by Grantland:

I hope I don't get killed by the studio for giving too much away, but this entire movie is going to be three scenes, and three scenes only, that all take place in real time ... There will be no time cuts. And these three scenes are going to take place backstage before a product launch. The first one being the Mac, and the second one being NeXT, after he had left Apple, and the third one being the iPod. Basically my goal is, I don't know if you remember the ad campaign he did, it was the Think Differently campaign ... "Here's to the crazy ones," that's how it began? If I can end the movie with that text, with that voice-over, if I can earn that ending, then I'll have written the movie that I want to write.

It sounds entirely insane. But so did making a movie about Facebook.