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The Thrilla Of Gorilla Vs. Bear Cover Art!

It's a fight to the finish, for sure. But who will win this battle? There's some talk about it here and there, so place your bets now.

Sure, other folks are covering the highly anticipated #gvbfest at the beloved Granada Theater this weekend, but you can read all about it here.

Though, if you're the type that likes the smell of fresh ink on your fingers, then go grab your copy of the issue today. Just try not to get caught in the crossfire, brought to you by NYC-based illustrator Sachin Teng.


After stumbling across some of Teng's fierce and dreamy work, it was just a matter of time before the right subject came along for which we would utilize his talents. Enter into the ring Gorilla Vs. Bear. We naturally thought of Teng to beautifully illustrate this beastly battle royale that most everyone around these parts has surely, secretly dreamt of seeing in the fur.

And what says battle royale betwixt two beasts better than laser eyes?

Nothing, as far as this art department is concerned. Although, if you prefer ax-slinging primates, we know where you can grab a Quick peek.

So until this Saturday's big festival, you can check out more of Teng's masterstrokes on his site or follow his Tumblr. Now the question is, what will happen next year? Until then, keep those claws sharp.