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In the Most Uncomfortable Art Project Ever, Woman Adds Horse Blood to Her Blood

Dadaist Marcel Duchamp once wrote ... well, OK, never mind -- there's truly no quote that can encapsulate the strangeness of this artistic endeavor.

According to Wired, Marion Laval-Jeantet spent months preparing herself physically to receive massive injections of horse blood plasma in conjunction with an artistic project "exploring trans-species relationships."

While we've done this pretty frequently with the hot dogs at Angry Dog, there's no description we can type that could bring you, dear reader, up to speed on how uncomfortable, how subtle and terrifying this video is. It was somewhere around the moment when Laval-Jeantet fastens nearly real horse-feet-stilts to her legs that the mood felt like Equus and that-scene-in-The Ring-when-the-horse-jumps-off-the-boat.

What's this whole art project called? May the Horse Live in Me.

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