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You Can Photobomb an Episode of Big Rich Texas at a Party Tonight

If you tuned in to last season's land of up-and-downs and barracuda smiles, then you know there's a new addition to the cast of Big Rich Texas. And boy does she have a laugh. DeAynni Hatley doesn't look or act quite like the other women on B.R.T. A little rough around the edges, and remembered most for slapping her daughter, we'll call Hatley a social "light."

Her household's wealth came from construction projects, and today she's expanding that empire with the launch of her own business Texas Diva Remodeling & Construction. It's a red carpet shindig at Winston's Supper Club, and you can bet that your favorite television frienemies will be there, sizing up outfits like a pack of hungry dogs.

The party is being filmed for a season three episode, making this is the perfect photobombing opportunity. Try to get in every scene. Why the hell not? Personally, I think you should stare directly into the cameras with a deadened gaze while slowly pushing food into your mouth, and I think it should be strange food you've simply brought with you, like fried chicken that you keep pulling out of your purse. Your tiny act of defiance could be the most entertaining part of 'BRT' next season.

There's no cover to attend, just [email protected] by noon. Red carpet arrivals begin at 7:30 p.m., with cocktail chatter scheduled from 8 to 11 p.m. Pura Vida Tequila is whipping up a special Texas Diva cocktail for the affair.