Visual Art

5 Art Exhibitions to See This Weekend

Mark Tribe: New Landscapes At the intersection of art and technology, the leading figure is Mark Tribe. An early adopter of new media, in 1996 Tribe started as an online resource for anyone with similiar curiousity about how emerging technology affects culture. In his artistic practice, he's interested in using art and media to ignite conversations and change, often political. The upcoming exhibition at Zhulong Gallery, Mark Tribe: New Landscapes, will display a series of work interested in the environment and the changing human experience with nature. Large in scale, these pieces seek to explore the recreation of "untouched" landscapes in video games or virtual realities. His pieces will push the virtual back into the physical world through aerial photography in conversation with great masters of painting. There will be an artist talk at 5 p.m. Saturday, followed by an opening reception from 6-9 p.m. Admission is free. The show will remain on display through April 18 at Zhulong Gallery (1302 Dragon St.) More at

Michaël Borremans: As Sweet as It Gets The paintings of Michaël Borremans each carry beauty and mystery. There is a power to his paintings, which are in conversation with art history and the masters from former centuries but each work bears a life all its own. The Belgian painter works with a moody brush, bringing to life subjects at once quiet, but unsettling. Sunday, the American premiere of a traveling exhibition of his work opens at the Dallas Museum of Art. Tickets are $16. More information at

Eliana Miranda's Depraved Documentations Much of the work you'll see at Eliana Miranda's exhibition at Ro2 Art will be pulled straight from the headlines. The artist, who is completed her MFA at University of Dallas, uses current events as inspiration, currently taking an interest in the Mexico/United States border disputes. See her paintings on display at an opening reception 7-9 p.m. Friday or through March 24. More at

Coed: Josh Reames & Amber Renaye For the past few months, artists Josh Reames and Amber Renaye have been using Oliver Francis Gallery as a studio space, and they've created a body of work that is sure to earn them attention. The pair are plannign to split the rest of the year between the east and west coasts, but before they head out, OFG -- rechristened OFG.XXX -- will exhibit their work in a dual exhibition titled #COED. This also marks the first show in the gallery at 209 S. Peak St. Swing through from 7-10 p.m. Saturday or by appointment through April 4. More information at

Exhibitions at 500X Gallery Plane Intersection is a solo exhibition of Kate Colin's new work,for which she uses amorphous washes alongside geometric shapes on canvas and gallery walls to create what she describes as "hypothetical environments." Upstairs, H Period Schenck's Clubhouse carries only this description:"I built forts out of foam bed liners, cardboard boxes, and chairs. Sometimes my cat would sleep in them with me." Finally, Timothy Harding creates an installation about "the objecthood of painting and drawing," entitled Things. See it all from 7-10 p.m. Saturday.