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10 Awesome Things To Do This Weekend: June 21 to 24

Here's some quick math to help you get through any given week: If you view the weekend as starting on Thursday, it makes it four days long. By that logic, the work week is only three days long. Totally doable. Let's toast to math and pour a little weekend whiskey in our coffee, shall we? Cheers!

It happened: Summer got here. As you officially roast like carnival corn, cool down with a sweet party at the F.O.E., free drinks and air conditioning at the Dragon Street Galleries and bottomless mimosas at drag queen brunch. Also, parties for dogs, movies and rooftop fashion shows -- all to chill you out. You'll want to roll deep this weekend so share this list with your friends and click the event titles for more details. Now, go topple an empire.

Thursday 6.21 Royal Wags Pawty -- Is your dog's imaginary human voice British? Do you often imagine him as a Dickensian street urchin, begging for food through dusty windows? A.) Speak to more humans, you're spending too much time with your dog. B.) Meet said humans at the Royal Wags Pawty, an English-themed party for pups.

DC9 at Night Crawl -- Make sure your belly has a solid food foundation before starting on this bender adventure. It kicks off at 6 p.m. at Single Wide where you'll hear soul/funk/psychedelic beats by DJ Heavy Sigh (AKA, the Observer's music editor, Audra Schroeder). Next, the party moves to that Killer Mike show at the Granada, and closes up at Beauty Bar where DJ Sober drops a sonic detonation.

Young Frankenstein in 35 mm -- This Wilder/Brooks classic is timeless comedy. I dare you to find something better made in 2012. Texas Theatre went down into the cobweb-riddled lab to yank out this 35mm, old school film edition and screen it for you. See Gene Wilder, Cloris Leachman, Peter Boyle and Gene Hackman at their finest.