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14 Ways To Live Like a Bravo Reality Star, aka a "Bravo-lebrity"

As the song in Cabaret goes, what good is sitting alone in your room? Not when there's a big, wide world out there where you can star in your own imaginary reality show. Shoot, you may already be in one. There are three new reality shows -- CMT's Texas Women, Style channel's Big Rich Texas and Bravo's Most Eligible Dallas (premiering August 15) -- aiming cameras at Dallas and Fort Worth. Look around. The red light is always on somewhere.

If you start acting as if you're on one of these things, or in the cast of any of the Real Housewives franchises (they're my favorites simply for their ironic use of "real" in their titles), your life is bound to get more glamorous. Sooner or later, we're all going to be on reality TV anyway.

What Andy Warhol said about being famous? That was before Flip cams, Facebook and round-the-clock narcissism took hold. To borrow from a Tweet I just read: "In the future, everybody will be unknown for 15 minutes."

Until then, here are some ways to practice being a reality show star: