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25 Awesome Things to Do in Dallas this Weekend, December 12 to 15

(We Are 1976's Soul Train Party happens Saturday. Break out the butterfly collar.)

What's that old saying? Last week's ice storm is this week's party bender?

Since Cleon dialed our collective metabolism down to "suspended animation," most of last weekend's events were rescheduled for -- you guessed it -- this weekend. Do some heavy stretches, there's a lot going on.

Share this list with your party crew, then click on the links for more information. Now let's make a game plan. I'll see you out there. (I'll be the one doing still-frozen keg stands.)

Thursday 12.12 Hobbit Double Feature with Hobbit-Themed Food -- Being a chef at the Alamo must be the greatest job on the planet, especially during shire-inspired events like tonight's epic binge. Foods from the movie are recreated and served in an extensive, multicourse meal over a double feature, ending with a midnight screening of the newest film, The Desolation of Smaug. Mmm ... nerdery.

Shoptown! at Tractorbeam -- When you put enough interesting, artful go-getters in one place, magic happens. Tonight you can purchase said magic at Shoptown!, a stylish little shindig filled with vintage jewelry, designer clothing, shoes, gifties and even some light taxidermy. See, there's something for everyone. Also, it's a dance party. You're welcome.

"Feminism & Contemporary Art" at CentralTrak -- This latest installment of the art incubator's Next Topic series features a discussion with Leigh A. Arnold, Dr. Shilyh Warren and Rosemary Meza, all moderated by Aja Martin. It was postponed from last weekend, so get in there tonight to hear theory and intention behind the gallery's current show, Sadie Hawkins Day.

ImprovisedChristmasMovie at Dallas Comedy House -- This sketch troupe throws all of your favorite holiday schlock into night of comedy. Griswold will be there along with those Gremlins and every other seasonal offering that's ripe for parody.

Sweater Curse, A Yarn About Love -- Observer theater critic Elaine Liner doesn't just know what makes a great play, she knows how to make a play great. Proof: Her new one-woman show, the Sweater Curse (in which Liner also stars), received oodles of praise during its run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Tonight Texas gets its first look at the thing as Sweater Curse knits up a four-day run at MCL Grand in Lewisville. Catch it through the 15th.

Kettle Art's Holiday Presence IX -- "Presence" was postponed due to crap weather. Translation: You didn't miss your chance to buy great local art at cheap-o prices. Let us all give thanks for that.

Adult Night in the Neiman Marcus Tubes -- Oh you know you wanna. Stop playing coy. Tonight only, your $20 donation to Color Me Empowered gets you access to ultimate inner-child regression. Bring cash. Wear pants. (It's from 5 to 7 p.m.)

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