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Classy Reunion

Now, where'd we put that embalming fluid?

If you sense a light blogging day, you’re very perceptive.

1. Not a lot of stimulating sportsiness in the air.

2. I’m chin-deep penning a cover story about you-know-who.

So, in a very transparent attempt to be both dismissive and productive – I’ll write a column about this sooner or later -- let me reach out to you to help me construct a list of the greatest all-time memories of Reunion Arena. If you haven’t heard, the old joint is on Death Row.

Off the top of my noggin’:

5. Sitting on the curb of 777 Sports Street in 1987, watching the passing Dallas Sidekicks’ championship parade.

4. Having Larry Bird interrupt my interview at the 1986 NBA All-Star Game with a beer-flavored burp.

3. Watching John McEnroe play Jimmy Connors in, I think, 1984. I’m a tennis nerd, sue me.

2. Covering Avery Johnson’s involvement with Hurricane Katrina evacuees using the building as temporary shelter.

1. Being a part of the Reunion Rowdies and willing the Mavericks to a Game 6 victory over the Lakers in the 1988 Western Conference Finals. Still never been in a louder, more electric building.

Whatcha got? -- Richie Whitt