Dallas Cowboys

Dez Bryant Now - at Least Temporarily - Hangin' With the Right Folks

Finally, a Tweet from Cowboys' receiver that we can sink our teeth into. This from Dez Bryant last Friday night at 11:28:

Just finished eating with chase crawford,Tony romo Keith and Aundre gurode...had a good time

Not real sure about hanging out with Chace Crawford considering his little legal problem from last summer, but I'm sure Tony Romo's soon-to-be brother-in-law spewed forth only good vibes for Bryant as they ate dinner with Cowboys' Gurode and Keith Brooking.

This is a good thing.

For one, Romo is reaching out as a leader of this team.

For another, Bryant is agreeable to being reached out to.

Bryant's making strides. Paying some of his bills. And now going to dinner with positive role models who have his best professional interest at heart.

Romo and Bryant may never be Montana-to-Rice, but it's a start.