Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys: Witten's Whereabouts?

Jason Witten will never say it, so I'll do it for him:

Gimme the damn ball! Especially in the red zone!!

I generally support Dallas Cowboys' offensive coordinator Jason Garrett, but this is getting ridiculous. When the red-head calls plays in the red zone it makes Cowboys' fans red-faced.


Because the Cowboys have scored only two touchdowns in their last nine trips inside the opponents' 20-yard line. And (hat tip to the Dallas' Only Daily's David Moore) in the last three games, Witten has been thrown to in the red zone a whopping 0 times. That's zero. As in never.

As in, Jason Garrett, that's inexcusable.

Says head coach Wade Phillips, "We have some concerns."

Tony Romo's targets the last three games: Sam Hurd and Miles Austin 4, Roy Williams and Patrick Crayton 3, Tashard Choice 2 and Martellus Bennett 1.

Un. Axe. Epp. Tuh. Bull.

In his last 15 games, arguably the NFL's best tight end has only three touchdowns including only one this season. When Garrett designs plays to keep Witten in to block in Denver and throws alley-oops to Williams and Bennett against the Panthers, to me it just feels like the offensive coordinator is getting too cute.

And coming up too empty.