Dallas Mavericks

The Top 5 Athletes I'd Pay to Watch Play

Kobe Bryant is a drama queen. He's a fake dirty player, what with the accidentally-on- purpose flailing arms and all. And, oh yeah, the rape thing.

But you know what? If I didn't have a pass to tonight's Mavericks-Lakers game at American Airlines Center I'd open my wallet to be in the building. Because despite his flaws, Kobe is one the best, most entertaining athletes on the planet. (Besides, I think we're all anxious to see if new Mav Caron Butler can get in his joke, or at least hold him to 30.)

He can obviously win games with his scoring. Added to his legacy with another game-winner last night, by the way. But he's also one of the NBA's all-time best on-ball defenders. And his will has matured along with his persona, not just playing well enough to win championships with the Lakers but these days leading well enough.

I'd pay to watch Kobe, but only a handful of other folks ...

5. Steve Nash.

4. Ronaldino.

3. Kobe Bryant.

2. Tiger Woods.

1. Roger Federer.