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Something for Super Bowl Visitors to See When They're Done at Dealey Plaza

I'm sure the Sixth Floor Museum will be buzzing. Southfork Ranch. And, unless I'm gauging folks way wrong, during the upcoming Super Bowl week the gentlemen's establishments around D-FW will be jammed as well.

But for football fans -- visitors and locals -- there's something you just gotta see.

Remembering Tom Landry: The Personal Collection.

As if you haven't noticed I'm a jaded dude who doesn't get too giggity over most things. But strolling down memory lane with the legendary Dallas Cowboys coach had me fixated the other night.

During the State Fair more than 120,000 visitors took the tour in Fair Park's Hall of State. Taken aback by the response, the Dallas Historical Society decided to re-open the exhibit after Thanksgiving and run it through Super Bowl XLV.


For $15 there are the usual items you'll expect to find: the trademark fedora, the detailed game plan, all the championship rings and, yes, the beige trench coat he wore for the American Express TV ad in 1983.

But what got me were the photos. Landry on the same coaching staff with Vince Lombardi. Landry with Bob Hope. And Landry in the back of a convertible during Tom Landry Day in April 1989, a parade that drew more than 100,000 people to downtown Dallas.

Got me to thinking. What Dallasite could draw that kind of crowd today?

Dubya Bush? Emmitt Smith? Josh Hamilton? Greggo? Jim Schutze? Amber Campisi? No one?